Anthropology Student News

Attention SUCO Anthropology Students:

I will use this space to post news about our students, past and present.
If you would like to have a news item posted, please e-mail me at
We are particularly interested in hearing from former students.

John Relethford

  • Karen Terry is working for the television production company Karavida, Inc.
  • Norah Miles, Class of 2003, is working as an archaeological field technician at EAC/Archaeology in Baltimore.
  • Robert Kerley, Class of 2006, is working on archaeological excavations as an Education Specialist for the New York State Museum.
  • Laiko (Burns) Quintero and Pasquale Quintero, Class of 2004, have completed Master's degrees at SUNY Buffalo. Laiko has her Ed.M. degree in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Student Affairs, and Pasquale has his Ed.M. degree in Higher Education Administration. Laiko will be the Assistant Director of the Career Network Center at NY Institute of Technology, and Pasquale will be a Hall Director at SUNY Stony Brook.

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