The Anthropology Major

Note: The following requirements apply to students who declared an anthropology major after January 1, 2009.

Degree Requirements

The anthropology major consists of 30 semester hours (s.h.) in anthropology courses, including 9 s.h. in three introductory courses, 6 s.h. in “hands-on” courses dealing with methods/experiences in anthropology, a capstone senior seminar (3 s.h.), and 12 s.h. of upper-division anthropology electives. Of course, students can take more than 30 s.h. if they wish; however, more than 45 s.h. in anthropology cannot count toward graduation credit.

1. Introductory Courses in Anthropology (9 s.h. required core courses):

2. Methods/Experience in Anthropology (6 sh. from the following):

3. Electives in Anthropology (12 s.h. in 200–300 level anthropology courses)

4. Capstone Seminar (3 s.h.; choose one of the following):

TOTAL = 30 s.h.

Note: Courses may not be used for credit in more than one area (e.g., a course counted toward Methods/Experience cannot also be counted toward Electives)

* Any given ANTH 294 (Special Topics) course may count toward Methods/Experiences or Electives, depending on the specific topic and with permission of the Department Chair.


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