Faculty Profile: Cynthia J. Klink

Cynthia Klink is an archaeologist who is currently completing her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she also received her MA in anthropology. She earned BA degrees in Anthropology and Geology at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Cynthia also received interdisciplinary graduate training in archaeology, geology, and paleoenvironmental studies through the Institute for Quaternary Studies at the University of Maine, Orono. Her dissertation research examines the process of human colonization and “settling in” to new landscapes, through the analysis of changing land use patterns during the Preceramic Period (before 3500 BP) in the Lake Titicaca basin, Peru. A major focus is identifying and understanding the temporal development of “place-oriented” adaptations and cultural ties to the natural landscape. 



Her primary research and teaching interests including Andean prehistory, lithic (stone tool) technology, human-landscape relations, the archaeology of social identities (especially gender and ethnicity), hunter-gatherers, and North American archaeology. The bulk of her research has been conducted in Peru, but she also has fieldwork experience in multiple areas of the United States.




She is senior author of the highly regarded “A projectile point chronology for the South-Central Andean Highlands” (Cynthia Klink and Mark Aldenderfer, Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology – 1, Cotsen Institute, University of California, Los Angeles.). Her examination of Preceramic lithic technological organization at the site of Kasapata and the process of emerging sedentism in the Cusco Valley, Peru will be published this year, also by the Cotsen Institute. Cynthia has just accepted an invitation to become the associated investigator in charge of Peruvian and Bolivian data for the new international direction of the Paleoindian Database of the Americas (PIDBA).


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Courses taught by Ms. Klink:


ANTH 140 Principles of Archaeology

ANTH 252 The Incas and Their Ancestors

ANTH 253 Women & Gender in Prehistory

ANTH 254 Archaeology and Environmental Change

ANTH 342 Understanding Stone Tools

ANTH 390 Issues in Anthropology


E-Mail: Cynthia.Klink@oneonta.edu

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