Department Chair: Dr. Renee B. Walker

Our department consists of six full-time faculty, all with Ph.D. degrees in anthropology, and several adjunct faculty that teach courses on a regular basis.

Full-time Faculty:

Dr. Tracy Betsinger (Associate Professor, Biological Anthropology)
     18 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-3394
     E-Mail: Tracy.Betsinger@oneonta.edu

Dr. Brian Haley (Professor, Cultural Anthropology)
     13 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-2001
     E-Mail: Brian.Haley@oneonta.edu


Dr. Sallie Han (Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology)
     15 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-2715
     E-Mail: Sallie.Han@oneonta.edu

Dr. Donald R. Hill (Professor, Cultural Anthropology)
     310C Milne Library
     Phone: (607) 436-2018
     E-Mail: Donald.Hill@oneonta.edu

Dr. John H. Relethford (SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, Biological Anthropology)
     12 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-2017
     E-Mail: John.Relethford@oneonta.edu


Dr. Renee B. Walker (Professor and Chair, Archaeology)
     11 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-3346
     E-Mail: Renee.Walker@oneonta.edu

Adjunct Faculty:


Dr. Craig Bielert (Adjunct Professor, Primatology; Professor, Department of Psychology)
     32 Bacon Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-3219
     E-Mail: Craig.Bielert@oneonta.edu

Cynthia Klink (Adjunct Lecturer)
     14 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-3308
     E-Mail: Cynthia.Klink@oneonta.edu

Nicole Weigel (Adjunct Lecturer)
     16 Denison Hall
     Phone: (607) 436-2207
     E-Mail: Nicole.Weigel@oneonta.edu


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