Additional Programs and Resources
Department of Anthropology
State University of New York College at Oneonta

Anthropology Club

There is an undergraduate student Anthropology Club, with some funding from the Student Association. Students run the club and all events, with the assistance of a faculty advisor. Past events have included field trips, guest speakers, and travel to national meetings (including presentations by the students).

Human Biology Concentration

The Human Biology concentration within the biology major is a joint program offered by the Departments of Anthropology and Biology at SUCO. Core and elective requirements come from both departments. This program is particularly useful for students interested in careers in medicine, public health, and epidemiology.

For further information, contact Dr. William Pietraface (Biology).

Anthropology Minor

The Department of Anthropology offers a Minor in Anthropology. Completion of the minor requires two of three introductory courses (cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology) and 12 additional semester hours in anthropology.

Center for Social Science Research

            The Center for Social Science Research seeks to foster the pursuit of social science research among SUCO faculty and students, including collaborative research. Click here to visit the Center’s web page. Contact Dr. Ho Hon Leung, CSSR Coordinator, for further details.

Faculty-Student Research Grants

Research grants are available from funds from the College at Oneonta Foundation to support collaborative faculty-student research. Two types of grants are available; one focusing on student-initiated research with faculty sponsorship, and the other focusing on faculty-initiated research with student assistance. Click here to find out more about these grant programs.

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