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Minor - Social Justice Studies

This 21-credit inter- and multi-disciplinary program seeks to educate students to become advocates for social justice (e.g., racial, economic, political, sexual, and social equity) and pursue careers in the field by providing a coherent theoretical and applied framework for seeking employment with corporations, non-profit or governmental sectors, and as a foundation for further study in the social sciences and humanities. A unique program in the SUNY system, by centering on maintaining and advancing the praxis of social justice, it fulfills a primary goal of a liberal-arts education: creating well-rounded citizens with a commitment to community and fairness with a global awareness.

This program draws on the strengths of the humanities, social science, and other areas of the college including our commitment to community involvement as exemplified through the Center for Social Responsibility and Community. It requires students to develop an internship or study abroad, preferably both.

Core Courses: (9 s.h., choose 3 of 4)
ALS 273 Race, Gender, Class and Culture (SoS)
HIST 120 Making of the Modern World
PHIL 102 Ethics
PHIL /ALS 160 Urban Philosophical Dilemmas

Electives (9 s.h., selected from at least two different disciplines. Cross-listed courses may count towards either department.)
ALS 262 Topics in Racism (SoS) or HIST/ALS 264 African American History II (SoS or 3 s.h. 100-level HIST)
ALS 395 Senior Seminar in Africana-Latino Studies (if not used for capstone) (Completion of 15 s.h. in major and/or consent of dept chair)
ALS 397 Africana & Latino Studies Internship (3 s.h., approved social justice placement) (JrS, passed CWE, Min GPA = 2.0)
ANTH 201 North American Indians (SoS) or ANTH 227 Cultural Identities (SoS)
CRJ 279 Race, Crime and Justice (3 s.h. SOCL)
GEOG 230 Geography of Culture & Environment (SoS or GEOG 100) or GEOG 233 Urban Geography (SoS or GEOG 100)
HIST/ALS 104 Introduction to African History or POLS/ALS 265 African Politics (SoS or 3 s.h. POLS)
HIST/ALS 272 Modern Latin America (SoS or 3s.h. 100-level HIST) or WMST/ALS 252 Latinos: Cultures on the Move (SoS)
HIST 284 American Ethnic History (SoS or 3s.h. 100-level HIST) or HIST/ALS 288 Borderlands: Latino/Latinas in US
PHIL/ALS 259 Democracy and Race (SoS) or PHIL/ALS 260 Philosophy of Protest (SoS)
POLS 218 American Social Welfare Policies and Politics (SoS or 3 s.h. POLS)
POLS 235 Environmental Politics and Policy (SoS or 3 s.h. POLS) or SOCL 244 Environ. Sociology(SOCL 100 “C” or better or SOCL 110 “C” or better) or PHIL 230 Environ. Ethics (SoS)
POLS 243 Civil Rights and Liberties (SoS or 3 s.h. POLS) or POLS 245 Law, Courts and Politics(SoS or 3 s.h. POLS)
POLS 283 International Political Economy (SoS or 3 s.h. POLS) or POLS/ALS 265 African Politics (Sos or 3 sh POLS)
POLS 288 International Human Rights (SoS or 3 s.h. POLS)
PSYC 243 Psychology of Women (“C” or better in PSYC 100) or SOCL 237 Sociology of Women (3 s.h. SOCL)
SOCL 239 Women and Work (3 s.h. SOCL) or FAMS/ALS 361 American Families in Poverty (FAMS 160 or PSYC 100 or SOCL 100 or ALS 100 and 9 s.h. 200-level social science)
SOCL 250 Social Change (3 s.h. SOCL) or SOCL 260 Social Class (3 s.h. SOCL)
SOCL 242 Rural Sociology (SOCL 100 or SOCL 110)
SOCL 282 Social Movements
WLIT/ALS 257 Mod. Black Lit. (COMP/ALS 100) or ALIT 207 Survey of Environ. Lit. (COMP 100; LITR 100 /150; or perm of instructor)
WMST 212 Women of Resistance (CWE, SoS & 3 s.h. Humanities, or perm of instructor)
WMST/ALS 261 Women of Mixed Racial Descent (SoS) or WMST/ALS 269 Women of Color

Capstone Experience (3 credits)
Any singular selection of courses or options listed below with program coordinator approval.
ALS 395 Senior Seminar in Africana-Latino Studies (Completion of 15 s.h. in major and/or consent of dept chair)
ALS 397 Africana and Latino Studies Internship (JrS, passed CWE, Min GPA = 2.0) or a Senior Seminar as approved by program coordinator or any study abroad program approved by program coordinator.

*Explanatory note: For ALS 395, the completion of 15 s.h in major refers to semester hours in the ALS major, though the implied understanding is that the department chair or course instructor can approve course enrollment.

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