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Degree Requirements

The major in Africana and Latino Studies (30 semester hours) permits students to choose their coursework from participating disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, fine arts and professional studies. We encourage students to "think across disciplines" and understand the language and methods of philosophy, social theory, literary studies, music, ethnography, history, etc. as they learn what each brings to the table of Africana and Latino studies. Our students learn how the Africana & Latino perspective reframes dominant disciplines so that, for example, U.S. History is disrupted, and no longer simply Euro-American history, but one reshaped by the African, Latino, Native and Asian experiences. We assist students in understanding the connection between the past and present in Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Central and South America. Students cannot comprehend the significance of race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, and sexuality in today's world without exploring the history and changing social meanings of such ideas and different cultural practices.

Our major stresses critical thinking, reading, writing and communication skills. These not only enhance students' opportunities--post-graduate employment in education, social services, entertainment, private industry, public service or graduate study--but help them as future citizens in a democratic society. Our students learn to think clearly by consistently having to weigh different and conflicting accounts of social reality, a solid preparation for living and working in the 21st century, when we all need to process quantities of information, weigh their significance and communicate our conclusions.

Note: Many of the 200 and 300 level courses have class standing restrictions and prerequisites. Work carefully with your advisor to plan the sequence for completion of the major and all required prerequisites.

I. ALS required courses (3 s.h. each)

ALS 100 Black and Latino Experience

ALS 395 Senior Seminar in Africana and Latino Studies* (Or another 300 level course)

Total: 6 s.h.

NOTE: A maximum of 3 s.h. of 100-level coursework may be taken in the remainder of the major.

II. ALS major remaining requirements
All ALS majors choose 3 courses from below (9 s.h.):

ALS Combination Courses (200-level courses require SoS or P.I.* unless pre-req noted)

ALS/PHIL 160: Urban Philosophical Dilemmas

ALS/AHIST/WMST 205: LGBTQ U.S. Communities of Color

ALS/MCOM 208: African-Americans & Latinos in Film & TV

ALS/AHIST 249: History of U.S. in the Sixties

ALS/WMST 255: Marked Bodies

ALS/PHIL 259: Citizenship, Democracy and Identity

ALS/PHIL 260: Philosophy of Protest

ALS 262: Topics in Racism

ALS 273: Race, Gender, Class & Culture

ALS 397: ALS Internship

ALS 398: Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies

CRJ 240: Race, Crime & Justice (pre-req is 3 s.h.SOC)

GEOG 238: Sustainable Development

SOCL 242: Sociology of Ethnic Relations (pre-req is 3 s.h. SOCL)

WMST 269: Women of Color in the U.S.

WMST 290: Women, Race & The Law: An Intro

WMST 291: Gender, Race & Sexualityin Popular Culture

Total: 9 s.h.

III. Students may choose 5 courses from ONE of the THREE tracks below (15 s.h.):
Students who major in Africana & Latino Studies have 3 options:

  1. a combination of Africana & Latino Studies courses
  2. exclusively in Africana studies
  3. exclusively in Latino studies


Students must select 5 courses (15 s.h.) from among the 2 tracks below:
Africana Studies and Latino Studies.

Total: 15 s.h.

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ALS/ANTH 202: Peoples and Cultures of Africa

ALS/ANTH 203: People and Cultures of the Caribbean

ALS 207: Black Drama

ALS/ANTH 212: Music of the Caribbean

ALS 251: Cultures of Pan Africanism

ALS 266: The African American Experience

ALS 279: Hip-Hop Culture

ALS 278: African Atlantic: Popular Culture

ALS/HIST 104: Introduction to African History

ALS/WHIST 215: Hist. of the Modern Middle East & N. Africa

ALS/WHIST 219: Sexualities & Community in Africa Since 1800

ALS/WHIST 320 Urban Ghana: Past & Present

ALS/WMST 353: Sex & Race in Science & Technology

ALS/HIST 263: Slavery and Resistance

ALS/HIST 264: Jim Crow to Black Power

ALS/HIST 274: Gender & Power in Africa

ALS/HIST 275: South Africa: Race & Resistance Since 1800

ALS/HIST 276: History of Slavery

ALS/WHIS 292: The City in African History

ALS/MUSC 24:2 Music Cultures of the World

ALS/POLS 211: Contemporary Black Social & Political Thought

ALS/POLS 265: African Politics

ALS/POLS 283: International Political Economy (pre-req SoS or 3 s.h. POLS)

ALS/POLS 368: Political Development: Problems of Nation-Buildings

ALS/ALIT 250: African American Literature (pre-req is COMP 100 or ALS 100 or PI)

ALS/WLIT 257: Modern Black Literature (pre-req is COMP 100 or ALS 100 or PI)

ALS/ALIT/WMST 286: African-American Women Writers (pre-req is COMP 100 or ALS 100 or PI)

ALS/ALIT 351: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (pre-req is COMP 100 or ALS 100; ALS 273 or Litr 250 or PI)

ALS/WLIT 270: Postcolonial Literature and Culture: Africa (pre req is COMP 100 & LITR 100/150 & LITR 250 or PI)

MUSIC 121: Jazz

Total: 15 s.h.

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ALS 206: Latino Drama

ALS/MCOM 208: African-Americans & Latinos in Film & TV

ALS 252: Latinos: Cultures on the Move: Immigration∆

ALS/PHIL 258: Latin American Political Theory∆

ALS/WMST 261: Women of Mixed Race Descent/Mestisaje∆

ALS/HIST 271: Colonial Latin America

ALS/HIST 272: Modern Latin America

ALS/HIST 288: Borderlands: Latinos/as in the U.S.

ALS/POLS 267: Latin American Politics

ALS/POLS 368: Political Development: Problems of Nation-Buildings

ALS/SPAN 340: Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean (pre-req is SPAN 208)

SPAN 205: Spanish American Civilization (pre-req is SPAN 104 or equivalent proficiency)

SPAN 310: Spanish and Latin American Film (pre-req is SPAN 204/205)

SPAN 313: Spanish American Literature (pre-req is SPAN 208)

SPAN 323: Literaturer of Revolutions

WLIT 271: Postcolonial Literature & Culture: The Americas (pre-req is COMP 100 & LITR 100/150 or PI)

Total: 15 s.h.

IV. ALS language/Independent Study/Internship options


Maximum 3 s.h. 100 level: Spanish, French, Arabic, Brazilian, Portuguese, Arabic or another African language may be applied to the above track requirements.

Total: 3 s.h. (maximum)

Note for NEW major requirements:

Three (3) semester hours of Independent Study (ALS 299) OR Internship (ALS 397) may be applied to any of the tracks, but the content must be relevant to the track.

Total: 3 s.h. (maximum)

Major Total: 30 s.h.

* Sophomore Standing or Permission of Instructor.
∆ New course added to curriculum.
PI = Permission of Instructor.

Rev. 6/16


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