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Major in Africana and Latino Studies
The major in Africana and Latino Studies (30 semester hours) permits students to choose their coursework from participating disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, fine arts and professional studies. We encourage students to "think across disciplines" and understand the language and methods of philosophy, social theory, literary studies, music, ethnography, history, etc. as they learn what each brings to the table of Africana and Latino studies. Our students learn how the Africana & Latino perspective reframes dominant disciplines so that, for example, U.S. History is disrupted, and no longer simply Euro-American history, but one reshaped by the African, Latino, Native and Asian experiences. We assist students in understanding the connection between the past and present in Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Central and South America. Students cannot comprehend the significance of race, ethnicity, class, religion, gender, and sexuality in today's world without exploring the history and changing social meanings of such ideas and different cultural practices.

Our major stresses critical thinking, reading, writing and communication skills. These not only enhance students' opportunities--post-graduate employment in education, social services, entertainment, private industry, public service or graduate study--but help them as future citizens in a democratic society. Our students learn to think clearly by consistently having to weigh different and conflicting accounts of social reality, a solid preparation for living and working in the 21st century, when we all need to process quantities of information, weigh their significance and communicate our conclusions.

Major Requirements (30 s.h.)
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