Submit your Final Dossier for Departmental Review


This process uses Office 365.  It’s a cloud based service.  There are a few ways that departmental Review can be setup.   

  1. Your department may request a Team site.  For a Team site we would need an owner.  The owner would create folders and add people to the folders giving them access based on what is needed.

    For example:  You may have a Team Site called “Name of Department” - IE - Geography
    The owner could be the department Secretary.  IT would train the secretary on how to use the site and manage the access to the site.  Once again, IT can provide the training and technical support but the work to maintain access to the site would fall to the department secretary or other designated owner from the department.  Sites can be access from on and off campus.   

    To Request a Team site, Submit a request to Information Technology Services.  

  2. The faculty applicant could upload the document to his/her Office 365 One Drive space and then share the document (view access) with each member of the department who will need to review the file.  The faculty applicant would remove access to the file once the review process is complete. – For Help uploading a file to OneDrive See -           

 All of the technology is currently in place and accessible via the Office 365 link located in the Oneonta Portal -    

Once the local department review is complete the Faculty Applicant, would upload a final version of his/her electronic dossier to the official Term Contract Renewal, Promotion and Tenure site (TCRPAT) that is managed at the School level and above.  Follow the instructions for Final Review from the TCRPAT website - Click the requirements link to access the instructions for submitting the dossier for review.