SUNY Oneonta


Recent Alumni: Joe Calcagno Class of '09

Since my graduation from SUNY Oneonta in May 2009, I have worked full time in the professional equestrian show jumping industry in a variety of roles from marketing and sponsorship to event coordinating and hospitality; primarily for HITS, Inc., the largest equine event management company in the nation. My career has given me the opportunity to meet Olympic show jumping riders from all over the world and travel extensively along the East Coast in states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. My most recent accomplishments took place in February and March of 2015, when I served as the VIP & Hospitality Coordinator for the FEI Nation's Cup and the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix in Ocala, Florida; two of the biggest show jumping events in the world. My education at SUNY Oneonta and the Communication & Media department prepared me greatly for my career. Communication and the ever-growing trends in social media is the most vital part of being in an industry that requires me to travel and interact with hundreds of clients and sponsors on a daily basis, all with specific needs. The great professors at Oneonta blessed me with the foundation for my success and I'm proud to be an alumni of such a great institution.

Communication & Media Alumni

Since the beginning of the department majors, over 1200 students have graduated from the department programs. Many alumni have pursued graduate studies, and/or established successful careers in theater, film, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, human relations, government, education, business or law. The department tries to maintain contact through the College's Alumni Affairs. Graduates are informed about job possibilities in various organizations in which alumni have some form of influence or authority. The Department launched it first Alumni Night in 1997 and brought to the campus and the Oneonta Community six alumni from the fields of television broadcasting, Hollywood movie industry, New York theater, and speech pathology.

The following is a sample list of our growing alumni:

Bill Pullman: Class of '75

At SUNY-Oneonta Bill was active in all areas of theater, as a technician, director, and actor. He began his professional acting career, following a short period of teaching at the Montana State University, Off-Broadway, but soon moved to LA to become a screen actor, with more than forty featured and starring roles to his credits. He is also a producer for Big Town Productions, which sponsors live theater in the LA area. He lives today in the Hollywood hills with wife Tamara (a dancer) and their three children, Marisa, Jack, and Lewis.


Jeanette Prymas-Parenti: Class of '91

Jeanette is the director of production administration for MTV Networks in New York. She worked her way up at MTV from production assistant in 1991 to director of production administration where she supervises over 100 production staff today. Jeanette was also responsible for the first organized production internships at MTV. Jeanette began her affiliation with MTV when served her internship there during her senior year at the College. Jeanette is married to Michael Parenti (class of 92) who works as a professional video editor in New York.


David H. Venghaus: Class of '88 First Assistant Director, Hollywood

David has worked with renown directors such as Gary Marshall, Robert Zemekis, Oliver Stone, Brian DePalma, Francis Ford Coppola, and actor/director, Robert DeNiro. Among Dave's movie credentials are: Forrest Gump, Natural Born Killer, Last Action Hero, A Bronx Tale, Single White Female, JFK, Lean on Me, and Godfather III. Dave lives in LA and visits his hometown Brooklyn once a year.


Joanne Zipay: Class of '80 Joanne is the founder and artistic director of New York's Judith Shakespeare Company. Joanne has directed plays such as :Macbeth," "The Comedy of Errors," and "Shakespeare Unplugged." Joanne also teaches for the National Shakespeare Conservatory, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Philip Hernandez: Class of '82

Phil is a Broadway actor who has appeared in "Kiss of the Spider Woman,", "Les Miserables," and "The Capeman." Phil is the first actor in Broadway history to be cast in two leading roles. Phil teaches voice for singer through the NYU performance training program.