Greg Hummel

Title:Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Affiliate Faculty, Women’s and Gender Studies

Degrees: Ph.D. (in progress), Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Communication Studies: Critical Intercultural Communication, Gender/Sexuality Communication, Rhetoric and Performance Studies

M.A., Colorado State University, Communication Studies: Rhetoric and Civic Engagement

B.A., Bloomsburg University of PA, Communication Studies: Leadership & Social Influence; minor in Gender & Women’s Studies

Telephone: 607-436-3424
Pronouns: He/him/his

Course History:

  1. COMM 160: Perspectives on Communication
    COMM 225: Argumentation
    COMM 254: Intercultural Communication
    COMM 280: Rhetoric

Selected Publications:
Hummel, Gregory Sean and Satoshi Toyosaki. “Duoethnography as Relational Whiteness Pedagogy: Human Orientation Toward Critical Cultural Labor.” International Review of Qualitative Research 8.1 (2015): 27-48.

Professional Interests:

  • Intersectionality, identity, and social justice activism
  • Critical cosmopolitanism, transnationalism, and global-local dialectics
  • Critical and participatory rhetorics
  • Energetic communication
  • Qualitative, critical, and performative modes of communication inquiry

Hobbies and Personal Interests:

  • Intersectional feminist activism
  • Finding ways to keep my cat from scratching me
  • Plant-based eating, craft microbrews, and local spirits
  • Painting my nails with all of the glitter
  • Traveling, hiking, and communing with nature
  • Meditating and mindfulness practices

Other interests: 
Former Editor and Current Editorial Board Member of Kaleidoscope: A Graduate Journal of Qualitative Communication Research  


Major Program areas

Communication Studies

introduces students to the theories and practices of oral communication and persuasion. Students in this major usually seek careers in business related fields, as well as corporate communication, advertising, sales, public relations, and events management.


Mass Communication

is designed to meet the needs of students who seek careers in the fields of broadcasting, journalism, film, audio production and video production.