Andrew Bottomley

Title: Assistant Professor

Degrees:- Ph.D., Media and Cultural Studies

University of Wisconsin, Madison


Telephone:(607) 436-3825

Course History:

  1. Research Methods in Mass Media (MCOM 286)
    Film Genres (MCOM 285)
    Special Topics: Digital Storytelling (MCOM 294)

Select Publications

My research is concerned with the social and cultural dimensions of communication technologies, in particular the internet and broadcast radio, podcasting, recorded music, and other sound media. The primary focus of my work is on the history of new and emerging media, especially during moments of technological convergence and transference when so-called “old” and “new” media collide.

I have published research in numerous academic journals, including Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Creative Industries Journal, Journal of Popular Music Studies, and Popular Music and Society. Recently, I was invited to guest edit a seven-article symposium on podcasting for Journal of Radio & Audio Media (Volume 22, Issue 2; November 2015), which was the first-ever special issue dedicated to podcasting in a media studies journal. For my article on Welcome to Night Vale and the revival of radio drama, I was honored with the award for the 2015 Outstanding Article Published in Journal of Radio and Audio Media from the BEA’s Radio and Audio Media Division. I have served on the editorial board of the film and media journal The Velvet Light Trap, and I was one of the founders and a longtime managing editor of the recently retired collaborative media studies blog Antenna: Responses to Media & Culture. Currently, I am the co-chair of the Radio Studies Scholarly Internet Group of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS). In 2015-16, I was part of SoundStudies@UW, an interdisciplinary team at UW-Madison that won a Center for the Humanities grant to organize a Borghesi-Mellon Workshop in the Humanities on the subject of sound studies; we hosted monthly public events on campus throughout the 2015-16 school year and they will continue to do so without me throughout 2016-17.

Prior to entering academia, I was a journalist and the co-founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the underground music, arts, and entertainment magazine (or “zine”) Skyscraper. I held a number of other positions in the music industries, including running a small independent record label and tour managing bands. I also worked in the film industries with the non-profit film preservation and media literacy organization The Film Foundation (affiliated with the Directors Guild of America). I worked on the productions of several documentary films, including No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005) and the seven-part PBS film series Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues (2003). For many years, I hosted a music radio show called The Way Out on the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student radio station, WSUM.


Professional Interests:
Radio and Podcasting
Internet and Digital Media
Media History
American Film and Television

Hobbies and Personal Interests:
Record Collecting
New York Yankees Baseball




Major Program areas

Communication Studies

introduces students to the theories and practices of oral communication and persuasion. Students in this major usually seek careers in business related fields, as well as corporate communication, advertising, sales, public relations, and events management.


Mass Communication

is designed to meet the needs of students who seek careers in the fields of broadcasting, journalism, film, audio production and video production.