Kristen Blinne

Title: Assistant Professor, Comm. Studies

Degrees: Ph.D., Communication, University of South Florida
MA, Medical Anthropology, cum laude, Universiteit van Amsterdam
BA, Health Arts & Creativity Studies, Goddard College

Telephone: (607) 436-3428
Email: Kristen Blinne

  •  Professional Interests:
  • • Communication and cultural sustainability 
  • Communication and the construction of difference
  • Communication as a contemplative philosophy and practice
  • Communication activism for social justice
  • Feminist communication studies 
  • Ethnographic methods / storytelling / poetry
    Hobbies and interests:
    ·      Road trips, hiking, and camping
    ·      Herding cats, dogs, and goats
    ·      Random acts of spontaneous dancing
    ·      Yoga, mantra, and meditation
    ·      Eating vegan baked goods
    Other Information:
    ·      Certified yoga teacher
    ·      Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt
    ·      Licensed skin care therapist
    ·      Thai bodywork therapist


Selected Scholarship

Blinne, K. C. (2014). Awakening to lifelong learning: Contemplative pedagogy as
compassionate engagement. Radical Pedagogy, 11(2).

Blinne, K. C. (2013). Start with the syllabus: HELPing students learn through
class content collaboration.  College Teaching, 61(2): 41-43.

Blinne, K. C. (2012). Making the familiar strange: Creativity, culture, and
storytelling in the communication classroom. Communication Teacher.

Blinne, K. C. (2012). (Re)storying illness identity: A five-element perspective.
Health Communication, 27(3), 314-317.

Blinne, K. C. (2011). The house of glass noodles. Cultural Studies <=> Critical
Methodologies, 11(5), 498-510.

Blinne, K. C. (2011). "I rained": On loving & (un)becoming. Journal of Loss and
Trauma, 16(3), 243-257.




Major Program areas

Communication Studies

introduces students to the theories and practices of oral communication and persuasion. Students in this major usually seek careers in business related fields, as well as corporate communication, advertising, sales, public relations, and events management.


Mass Communication

is designed to meet the needs of students who seek careers in the fields of broadcasting, journalism, film, audio production and video production.