SUNY Oneonta Assessment of Student Learning

Establishing a Timeline for Assessment of the Major

The following is a suggested timeline for programs undergoing assessment of the major for SUNY System Administration. Certainly, programs may begin their self-study process earlier if a department has several academic programs to review or if the faculty deems additional time will be needed to complete any of the phases of the review. It should also be noted that the expectation is that certain activities, such as collecting information from the program’s students and alumni and the faculty’s assessment of student learning will be accomplished on an ongoing basis so that the information needed is available when it is time to prepare the self-study.

Timeline for the Program’s Self-study

Spring semester before the self-study is to be conducted Involve program faculty in discussion:
  • Requirements of self-study process
  • Planning for self-study
  • Preparing self-study materials, documents, manuscript
  • What to expect with regard to the site visit
Fall Semester of Self-Study Year Faculty gather, review, summarize, and analyze data relevant to self-study
October Department chair submits to their Divisional Dean:
  • names and curriculum vita for three external reviewers
  • desired dates for site-visit; and their proposed budget (See Appendix C)
November Dates for site-visit are confirmed with each external reviewer
March 15
  • Penultimate draft of self-study prepared and distributed to faculty
  • Self-study approved by faculty and copies sent to external reviewers
  • External reviewers visit campus and submit reports within two weeks of visit (visit must include meeting with divisional dean and provost)
  • Program provides written response to external reviewers' report and finalize self-study and submit to provost, divisional dean, and Associate Provost for Institutional Assessment and Effectiveness
Prior to site-visit
  • Reviewers provide Department Chair with schedule and cost information for travel plans.
  • Chair seeks Provost’s approval for airfare.
  • Chair provides Divisional Dean with the schedule planned for the review. (Visit includes a scheduled meeting with the appropriate Divisional Dean and the Provost.)
November - February External reviewers visit campus.
March 15th or before Reviewers submit reports to campus;
Not later than the last two weeks in March Faculty construct response to external reviewers’ reports and finalize self-study document
Mid-April Complete self-study including reviewers comments and program’s response is duplicated
May 1 One copy of the self-study is delivered to the appropriate Divisional Dean and two copies are delivered to the Provost


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