SUNY Oneonta Assessment of Student Learning

Oneonta’s Ground Rules for Assessment of the Major

  1. Programs are expected to evaluate student learning annually to determine if the program’s and College’s goals and mission are being met. (The College’s Departmental Annual Report format has been edited to reflect better that faculty regularly monitor and analyze student learning.)

  2. At least every seven years, according to the schedule established by Oneonta’s Provost, programs must complete for SUNY System Administration an assessment of their undergraduate academic major programs. (Note that the review required for SUNY is that of undergraduate academic programs (majors) rather than of departments. MSA expects assessment of both undergraduate and graduate programs.)
  1. Reviewers

    Programs should identify two potential external reviewers and two alternates and submit their names and curriculum vita to their Dean no later than the first week in October of the academic year during which the site visit will be scheduled.  Faculty should select external reviewers that they believe are well qualified by virtue of their credentials, teaching experience, and/or previous experience as a program reviewer.  Faculty may wish to consider persons with experience in institutions of similar size and mission, those with adequate time to devote to the review, and those who can communicate comfortably with Oneonta’s faculty.  If appropriate, the same reviewer can review more than one program.  Only one reviewer should be currently employed in New York.
  1. Travel arrangements
    1. Transportation – per College policy
      1. Departments should make every effort to identify reviewers who can conveniently use ground transportation to travel to Oneonta from contiguous states and/or Canadian provinces close to New York.
      2. Reviewers will need to make their own travel arrangements, including the booking of any necessary air travel. If air travel is necessary, the reviewer should apprise the Department Chair of the fare prior to booking a reservation. The Chair must seek approval from the Provost prior to approving air travel. (Receipted expenses will be reimbursed when the review has been completed and the report received.)
      3. Reviewers will be required to furnish receipts for all travel and lodging expenses and to complete a Travel Voucher and, if necessary, a Statement of Automobile Travel (AC160).
      4. The cost of any essential rental vehicle must be prudent and reasonable to adequately provide for the needs of the reviewer.
      5. If the reviewer travels via a personal vehicle, the reimbursement for mileage will be at the NYS established personal car mileage rate.
      6. Tolls and parking are reimbursable expenses if the reviewer submits the required receipts.
    1. The Department Chair must complete a Standard Voucher and attach a copy of the letter from the reviewer confirming that the review will take place. The reviewer should sign the completed Voucher at the conclusion of the site-visit. Lodging during the review.
      1. The Department Chair should contact the President’s secretary (x2500) to determine if on-campus housing is available for reviewers requiring overnight accommodations.
      2. If housing in campus facilities is not available, the Department Chair should contact the Office of Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness (O.I.A.E.) secretary (x2844) for the names of local facilities able to provide tax-exempt lodging at the State rate. Please provide the Secretary the reviewers’ names, dates of arrival/departure and preference for smoking or non-smoking. (Although only the reviewer’s expenses are covered, please provide the O.I.A.E. Secretary with the number in the reviewer’s party.)
      3. The Secretary will make a tentative reservation for the reviewer and follow up by sending a signed purchase order to Purchasing. Purchasing will then fax a confirmation P.O. to the hotel and the hotel will bill the College directly.
      4. The reviewer cannot be reimbursed for lodging expenses in excess of the NYS government per diem rate for that geographic area.
    1. Meals - Per College policy, the reviewers’ meal expenses are not reimbursable.1
    1. Honorarium - the maximum honorarium paid to each reviewer is established by the Provost and currently cannot exceed $600.

  1. Budget

    The resources available to support these efforts are finite and all expenditures must be approved by the Dean prior to the commitment of or expenditure of College resources.

    1. Departments must submit a budget (See Appendix C for a sample) to their Divisional Dean for approval by the first week in October of the academic year during which the review will occur.
    2. Costs associated with any of the reviewer’s personal plans, that is, traveling with a companion or extending the stay beyond the time frame of the review will not be paid or reimbursed by the College.

  2. Reviewer’s report

    The written report submitted by the reviewer must address the program areas as outlined by the Department chair when the review is confirmed.
    1. The written report should be received from the reviewer within two to three weeks unless otherwise specified by the Department chair when the review is confirmed. The Department Chair should send written notification to the Provost after the report has been received, so that the Honorarium payment may be issued.

1Current New York State

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