SUNY Oneonta Assessment of Student Learning

Appendix D
Sample of Information to be Sent Reviewers

Faculty in the ______ program at SUNY Oneonta continue to measure routinely student learning.  Every seven years, according to the schedule established by the campus Provost, program faculty must complete the SUNY mandated review of each of their undergraduate academic major programs. This review is integral part of the College’s Middle States Association assessment activities. The review is scheduled to take place on ______.

As you are an (expert, distinguished teacher, experience program reviewer) who is being considered to serve as one of the two external program reviewers being considered to review our program, kindly forward a copy of your curriculum vita to me by the end of September. 

In the event that you are selected and agree to serve as a program reviewer, the following information will apply:

Transportation – Per College policy:

  1. Receipted expenses will be reimbursed when the review has been completed and the written report received.
  2. Reviewers will need to make their own travel arrangements, including the booking of any necessary air travel. Once the reviewer has identified a suitable travel schedule, the estimated cost for an air travel must be communicated to the Department Chair before the reservation is confirmed. Reviewers will be required to furnish receipts for all travel and lodging expenses and to complete a Travel Voucher and, if necessary, a Statement of Automobile Travel (AC160).
  3. The cost of any essential rental vehicle must be prudent and reasonable to adequately provide of the needs of the reviewer.
  4. If the reviewer travels via a personal vehicle, reimbursement for mileage will be at the NYS established personal car mileage rate.
  5. Tolls and parking are reimbursable expenses if the reviewer submits the required receipts.
  6. At the conclusion of the visit, the reviewer will be asked to sign a Standard Voucher completed by the Department Chair. A copy of the letter from the reviewer confirming that the review will take place will be attached.

Lodging during the review

  1. If overnight accommodations are needed, the College will arrange for lodging in on-campus housing if it is available.
  2. If housing in campus facilities is not available, the Academic Affairs Secretary will make a tentative reservation for the reviewer and the hotel will bill the College directly.
    1. The charge for the reviewer’s lodging accommodations can not exceed the NYS government per diem rate for that geographic area.
    2. If the reviewer has personal plans that include a traveling companion or an extended stay in Oneonta, the reviewer will be responsible for these expenses.
  3. The reviewer should notify the Department Chair of his/her preference for a smoking or non-smoking room as well as the number traveling with the reviewer.


Per New York State and College policy, the reviewer’s meal expenses are not reimbursable.


The honorarium paid to each reviewer following the conclusion of the review and receipt of the reviewer’s report will be ________

Reviewer’s report

  1. The written report submitted by the reviewer must address the program areas as outlined in writing by the Department Chair.
  2. The written report should be received from the reviewer within ______ weeks unless otherwise specified by the Department chair when the review in confirmed.
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