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A list of resources for the faculty and staff:

Forms and Help

  • Submit your time sheet (follow these steps. If you run into problems call x2509):
    • Choose your campus and login
    • Select "Human Resources Systems"
    • Select "Time and Attendance"
    • Select "Time and Attendance" again
    • Make sure the previous month appears under "Accrual Period"
    • If you did not take any sick days, select "Certify..." and click "Submit"
    • If you have sick days to report, click on "Change Time / View Calendar"
      • Double click your "sick" day on the calendar
      • Specify the kind of day you took (sick, family sick, etc) and change the number from 0 to 1 (or 0.5, or 0.25)
      • Click "Save" and when the window closes, you will see it on the calendar
      • If it's correct, click "Submit to Supervisor" and you are done
    • Note: Above the calendar you can see how many "sick" days you have accrued
  • myOneonta
    This is the SUNY Oneonta portal with many useful resources and links
  • Computer Help
    (For classroom emergency call x4567 and click 4)
  • Facilities Work Request
    (For issues with your classroom, fill out a work request)
  • Printshop Request
    (Get the account number from the art office)
  • Registrar's Office Forms
    (New Course Proposals, Independent Study, and many more)
  • Bookstore faculty textbook requests
  • Events Room Scheduler
  • SUNY Oneonta Policies
  • Art Office - Copy Machine Manual


Classroom Resources
Login with your SUNY Oneonta username and password if prompted (same as your email)

Free Online Resources:


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