Students interested in internships should read this entire page first, and contact the Art Office for more information.

Resources and Downloads

Internship form (pdf): Print and fill out this form. Once completed, bring it to the internship coordinator for further instructions and advice.

Jobs and Internships

Select Internship Venues

This is a list of companies where our students have completed internships in the past few years:

Nation-wide Sites

Burke/Triola Productions, South Pasadena, CA
Interactive Direct, Tampa Florida
SONY Music/Epic Records

Metropolitan New York City Sites

Scholastics Magazine
Mixer Magazine
Crush Music Management
Free Arts NYC
Smart Source Group
Bertelsmann Inc.
Seamen Society for Children & Families

New York State Regional Sites

Albany Center Gallery
Spotlight Newspapers, Delmar
Designer Interiors of Ballston, Burnt Hills
Circulars Unlimited, Norwich
Mill Street Loft, a Multi-Arts Educational Center, Poughkeepsie
Atmatek, Digital Programming & Web Design, Worcester
Mead, Sidney
Nexstar Broadcasting Inc.(News Channel 9)
Sign Language, Richmondville
Smithy Center for the Arts
Thomas Cole National Historic Site
Bainbridge, Guilford, Central School
NYS Offices of General Services,
Central Printing & Copy Center, Albany
Mead, Sidney

Oneonta Region

Vibrant Creative
Sweet Home Productions
Mold-A-Matic Corporation
Seeley Ceramics
Saint Mary’s School
The Village Printer
Annie’s Community Darkroom
Saint Mary’s School
Sandlot Kid Bat Co.
The Village Printer
Upper Catskill Community Council for the Arts
Elm Park United Methodist Church

On-Campus Sites

Greek Life
Web Development
Art Gallery
Graphic Publication
Computer & Telecommunication Services
Facilities and Safety
SUNY Oneonta Printshop
Martin-Mullen Art Gallery


The SUNY Oneonta Art Department's internship program offers opportunities to earn college credit while working on-site in a professional setting.

The Art Department can offer credit for completed Internships in art (ARTS 397) or in computer art (CART 397).

Qualified juniors and seniors can earn from 1–15 credits by working at a business or institution related to their field of interest. Taking advantage of this program gives students first hand experience in the day to day operations of businesses, corporations, galleries, and schools and often becomes a factor in locating employment upon graduation.

If you are a SUNY Oneonta Art, or Computer Art major interested in completing an internship, read this entire page of requirements, collect all he required information, and contact the Internship Coordinator , Thomás Sakouilas for further guidance.

Download the Internship form here

Download the Internship Description here

Internship Application Procedures

The majority of the internships are student-driven. Students gain valuable experience by researching and finding appropriate internships for their skills and goals. Once a position has been identified, the department's Internship Coordinator works with each student to complete the paperwork and supervise the internship.

The Art Department does not "place" students in internship positions. Whenever companies contact the department with an internship opening, an announcement is made. The information on all known available internships is posted on the bulletin board outside the Art Department office in Fine Arts 222, and on the facebook group (join the group to get automatic notifications).

Internships may be completed during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, or during the Winter break. Students who complete internships during the winter and summer terms will pay per credit for the class.

The Art Department has additional requirements beyond those specified by the college at large.
You must meet the art department‘s qualifications and the college‘s qualifications if you wish to have an internship in Art or Computer Art.

Students should meet with their advisor before committing to an internship to determine how the credits will count towards their graduation requirements.


  1. Junior or Senior Status/ more than 56 credits
  2. Overall GPA of 2.75 or above
  3. GPA of 3.00 or above in the Art Major or Computer Art Major
  4. Must be an officially declared Art or Computer Art major
  5. Must have successfully completed at least one semester’s work in a degree program at SUNY Oneonta
  6. Must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours in ARTS or CART classes
  7. Must have passed all parts of the College Writing Exam prior to application


  1. Credit is Pass/Fail Only
  2. Credit received is NOT Liberal Arts Credit/ these are elective credits that may satisfy a required upper division elective in your major
  3. CART 397 & ARTS 397 is intended for professional work within the department or in the field
  4. Credits from 1-15. Maximum of 15 semester hours for full time field work (12 s.h. limit for summer internships)
  5. Students cannot go over 16 credits in internship overall in their career
  6. Credits will be evaluated by the Department Internship Coordinator at the rate of one credit for each 40 hours worked on site
  7. Students who are enrolled in an Internship cannot be enrolled in more than 18 s.h. overall for that semester
  8. Faculty members, student's immediate family or employees of the student's immediate family may not ser as on-site supervisors.


  1. Search and locate an internship you want to pursue.
    Look at the Art Department's bulletin board for offerings (located outside the Art office in Fine Arts 222), online (facebook), in print publications, and ask friends and relatives for Internship opportunities. Check the department‘s internship venues list to see where other students have had internships in the past.

  2. Read and make sure you meet all the qualifications posted at the top of this page.

  3. Meet with the sponsoring agency in person and talk with your supervisor there about your position. Make sure you define at lest the following items:
    1. What will you be doing?
    2. When will you start and finish the internship?
    3. How many hours will you be working?
    4. How many credits will you be earning? (You may earn ONE credit for every 40 hours of work on site)
    5. Have they had interns before?
    6. Is this a paid internship or just for credit? (Remember it can be both).
    7. What are the responsibilities for the intern? Make a list of those. In order to earn ARTS or CART credit, the internship must be focused on the production of artwork/design.

  4. In paragraph form write your project description. Work closely with your job site supervisor in developing this paragraph, which must include all of the following:
      1. the agency’s name
      2. the function of the agency
      3. the name, email address, and title of your in-field Agency Supervisor
      4. description of work you will be doing at the agency
      5. the number of hours you will work and the number of credits you will earn (remember the formula: 1 credit per 40 hours of work)
      6. your objectives in pursuing this internship
      7. the courses that have prepared you for this internship
      8. how the internship would provide a unique educational opportunity
      9. the learning outcomes (i.e. production of original art/graphics in a professional setting, preparation of portfolio of commercial artwork, etc.)
      10. how this internship prepares you for your future goals
      11. when your internship will begin and end
      12. how you will be evaluated (see Evaluation Procedures below)

  5. Meet with your internship site supervisor and have them sign the completed Internship Application (link on top of this page) and your project description (from step 4)

  6. Submit to the Art Office the following:
      1. the Internship Application
      2. your written (typed) project description from step 4
      3. a current, printed copy of your DegreeWorks

  7. At this time the Coordinator will call your agency supervisor to verify your position, will call the references you gave in step 5.4, and will contact you to meet with the Internship Coordinator to complete the process.

Evaluation Procedures:

  1. All interns must keep a daily journal describing the nature of their duties and work assignments. A log of the number of hours worked must be kept separately if it is not included in the journal. Work samples are strongly recommended.

  2. Interns are responsible for contacting the Art Department Coordinator at mid-term and at the end of the semester

  3. At the conclusion of the internship a letter of recommendation must be written by your agency supervisor describing the nature of your duties at the agency, your performance and must verify the number of hours worked. This must be an official letter on the agency's letterhead, and it must include the site supervisor's signature. The site supervisor must email this letter as an attachment to the Internship Coordintor, and must provide a printed copy to both the Internship Coordinator and the Intern.

  4. Before you receive your grade all journals, logs, work samples and letters of recommendation must be submitted to the Art Departments Internship Coordinator. This must be done on or before the last week of regularly scheduled college classes.

Note: The application process for an internship application requires a minimum of two weeks. Select a site well in advance and get the process started in the middle of the semester before your internship begins. For internships of 3 credits or more you must register before the end of the add/drop period.

Summer Internships Applications: must be complete on or before the last week of classes in May. The internship Coordinator is not available to process your application after that time period. Retroactive approval of internships will not be granted.