Art Gallery: Exhibition Opportunities
for SUNY Oneonta Art Students



Exhibit your work in the
Project Space Gallery

If you are an Art or Computer Art student at SUNY Oneonta, follow these instructions if you want to have your own solo or small group exhibition at the Project Space Gallery.

Fall 2013:

Student show PSG I, October 24 - November 8
Deadline for proposals Friday, September 20.
(Install October21-23 take down Nov. 11)

Student show PSG II November 18-December 13
Deadline for proposals Monday, October 14.
(Install November 13-15, take down December 14)

Spring 2014:

Student show PSG III March 13- March 27
Deadline for proposals Friday February 14.
(Install March 10-12, take down March 21)

Student show PSG IV April 10-25
Deadline for proposals March 14.
(Install April 7-9, take down April 28)

Senior Student Show PSG V May 1 - May 17
Deadline for proposals April 11.
(Install April 28-30, take down May 17)

Students should submit a Proposal

Proposals to include: Names, phone numbers, email and address of all exhibitors. Name of student spokes person (in the event of a group proposal) to represent a group and the name of a faculty advisor. Show title and description, date for proposed show, visual material must include sizes of artwork. At least 20 examples of anticipated exhibition works on CD, DVD or equivalent supporting material. A written proposal with the signature of your selected faculty advisor must be submitted to the Gallery Director on or before the deadline.

Where to Submit a Proposal

Submit proposals/review: Deadlines noted above. Submit proposals to Tim Sheesley, Gallery Director, Room 160 FA, (436-2445). The Gallery Director and the Gallery Advisory Committee will review and accept proposals.

About The Exhibitions

Project Space Gallery will be open from 11am-5pm daily when school is in session. It may also be opened for special evening events. Exhibitor will be responsible for designing their own promotional materials consisting of a poster and hand out cards for the show. Students will be responsible for installing and removing their shows. The gallery staff will be available for assistance. Student artwork will not be insured. The college, art department, gallery director, and faculty sponsor are not responsible for any damage or loss of artwork.

More Information
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Opportunities for Art students to exhibit their work - General Information

There are several slots alocated to student-initiated exhibitions in the Project Space Gallery every semester. Art and Computer Art majors are encouraged to submit proposals

You may apply for either a solo, or a group exhibition by following these simple guidelines:

The Gallery Director and the Gallery Advisory Committee reviews all proposals and approves exhibitions.

If your proposal was not chose, you will receive feedback from the Gallery Director on ways to improve the proposal for a subsequent exhibition.