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The Art students and faculty have the pleasure of working in some of the finest studios and classrooms in New York state. The facilities underwent major renovations in 2009 with the goal of modernizing the infrastructure (both building and equipment), adding much needed space, and enhancing efficiency and safety in the studios.

The Art Department's facilities include:

  • Computer Labs
  • By the numbers:
  • ✔ 3 computer labs
  • ✔ 60 mac computers
  • ✔ 20 Cintiq displays
  • ✔ 1 3D printer
  • ✔ 20 Intuios tablets
  • ✔ 18 Flipbook stations
  • ✔ 60 Adobe CC stations
  • ✔ 2 Large scanners
  • ✔ 20 Maya workstations
  • ✔ 10 Unity workstations
  • ✔ 5 Fontograpbher licenses

  • The computer labs are available for students outside class time.

  • See the areas of study for more information

Three computer labs accommodate all Art classes. The studios are equipped with 20 Mac computers, 60" Displays, tablets, and scanners. Software includes the entire Adobe Creative Cloud, Maya, Z-Brush, Unity, and Painter among other.

  • FA 164
    Classes: Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Photography, and Introduction to Computer Art.
    Equipment: 20 Mac computers, 20 Intuos5 Touch tablets, scanner, critique area with a 60" LCD display, projection and audio, laser printer. The room has a dedicated area for students to bring their own portable computers to class.
    Software: Adobe Master Collection, Studio Artist, Painter.

  • FA 301
    Classes: 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Game Design, Digital Video, and Introduction to Computer Art
    Equipment: 19 Mac computers, 18 Pencil test bundle stations, 60" LCD display, projection and audio.
    Software: Adobe Master Collection, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Flipbook.

  • FA 321
    Classes: Digital Paint, Digital Print, Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Introduction to Computer Art
    Equipment: 20 Mac computers, 20 Cintiq interactive pen displays, large format scanner, 60" LCD display, laser printer, projection and audio. Several desks accommodate students who bring their own portable computers to class.
    Software: Adobe Master Collection

Our Computer Art labs were included in the Ten Most Impressive Computer Labs in the Country by onlinecolleges.net.


Art & Design Studios

  • At a glance:
  • ✔ Darkroom
  • ✔ Digital studios
  • ✔ Lighting studio
  • ✔ Design studios
  • ✔ Drawing studios
  • ✔ Figure Drawing studio
  • ✔ Printmaking studio
  • ✔ American French Tool Etching Press
  • ✔ Photo Intaglio
  • ✔ Serigraphy
  • ✔ Figure Drawing studio
  • ✔ Sculpture suite
  • ✔ Wood & stone studio
  • ✔ Metal shop
  • ✔ Digital 3D Studio
  • ✔ Metal foundry
  • ✔ CNC plasma cutter
  • ✔ Ceramics
  • ✔ Painting Studio
  • ✔ Art History lecture hall

  • All studios are available for enrolled students outside class time.

  • Also see areas of study

Eleven specialized art studios offer opportunities to work in a variety of media:

  • FA 319, FA 322
    Two large studios host classes in Design, Drawing, and Watercolor. FA 319 is an open studio that all art majors can use irrespective of what classes they are enrolled in.

  • FA 167, FA 167B
    The two studios comprise the Darkroom Photography suite. The Darkroom is comprised of a communal area with chemicals and enlargers in addition to four private, fully equipped darkrooms. Digital Photography takes place in the computer labs, and photo shoots occur in the Production Studio FA 221.

  • FA 233-234, FA 236
    The Sculpture suite includes a series of rooms dedicated to various processes: ceramics, metal fabrication, metal foundry, wood & stone, plaster, wax, and a 3D computer lab equipped with a Dimensions 3-D Printer. Software installed includes SolidWorks. More information and details about the Sculpture studios and equipment can be found in the Sculpture Studios Handbook.

  • FA 224
    A dedicated Advanced and Collaborative Drawing studio. It is equipped with easels, horses, props, storage, computer, and projection.

  • FA 235
    This is a dedicated Figure Drawing studio with stage, lighting, props, computer & projection, and plaster casts students may use.

  • FA 318
    This recently renovated Printmaking studio is equipped to accommodate intaglio, relief, collagraph, serigraphy, and photo intaglio. It also has a darkroom for photo-processes.

  • FA 320
    The traditional Painting studio accommodates acrylic, oil, and encaustic painting processes. It is equipped with canvas storage, computer and projector, easels, props, and an encaustic area.


Lecture Halls, Seminar Rooms, and Production Studios

Two state of the art facilities host classes in Art History, special seminars, Independent Studies, and dedicated production processes.

  • FA 166
    This state of the art lecture hall hosts the majority of our Art History classes, special guest speakers, gallery talks, and other events. It is equipped with two flat screen monitors and audio, allowing for comparisons and the integration of different media into the classroom.
  • FA 221
    This is an advanced Production Studio that accommodates Independent study groups, seminars, as well as photo, video, and digital production processes. It has backdrops including a blue screen, for both photography and video shoots, and an area for photographing fine art for portfolio and publication purposes.
    Equipment in the studio include a large format printer, a large format scanner, computer projection, opaque projectors, large light table, mat cutter, and lighting.


Two professional art galleries, the Martin-Mullen Art Gallery and the Project Space Gallery host a variety of art exhibitions throughout the year.

Students may submit work in the Annual Juried Exhibition and may apply for solo or group shows in the Project Space Gallery throughout the year.

More information about the art galleries.


Studio Hours

6:00AM - 11:00PM Open
9:00AM - 11:00PM Open

Closed: during all official college recesses. Check the official college calendar published by the Registrar for these dates.

Off-hours use of the art studios

Enrolled students have access to their classrooms 17 hours per day with their college ID.

All studio doors are outfitted with card access so students can use the facilities outside class time.

Card access is automatically activated for enrolled students two weeks after classes start every semester.

In addition, all art majors have card access to all three computer labs and to one design studio irrespective of enrollment.

Use of the art studios by students

Assuming there is no class in session, students may use the studios to complete their classwork.

Art and Computer Art majors have open access to all three computer labs (FA 164, FA 301, FA 321), and to one Design studio (FA 319) irrespective of the courses they are registered for.

Engaging in personal projects (club work, home repairs, furniture building and similar) is not allowed.

Use of the art studios by others

The art studios are complex facilities with expensive equipment and extensive safety, maintenance, and security considerations.

In order to ensure the availability of our facilities for the educational mission of our programs, access and use by non-students is not allowed.